Rodgers Mbekeani

MA (Finance); BSc (Econ), PGD (Financial Management)

NGO Advisory
NGO Advisory 95%
Finance 90%

About The Expert

Rodgers is a highly experienced professional with over 20 years of expertise in various aspects of finance and development. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Finance, a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management.

Throughout his career, Rodgers has focused on banking, rural finance, cooperative development, financing of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), and enterprise development. His in-depth knowledge of these areas has enabled him to make significant contributions to the financial sector.

Rodgers has held notable roles, including the position of Rural & Micro Finance Specialist at FARMSE. In this capacity, he provided expert guidance on rural development and microfinance initiatives, working closely with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to support their advisory services. His expertise in NGO advisory has been instrumental in fostering sustainable development practices and financial inclusion in underserved communities.

With a strong background in rural development, Rodgers has been actively involved in designing and implementing programs that promote economic growth and poverty alleviation in rural areas. He understands the unique challenges faced by rural communities and has developed strategies to address their financial needs effectively.

In line with the evolving financial landscape, Rodgers has embraced digital finance solutions and has expertise in leveraging technology to enhance financial services delivery. His understanding of digital finance trends and innovative banking practices enables him to drive financial inclusion and expand access to financial services for individuals and businesses in remote areas.

Overall, Rodgers’ extensive experience, academic background, and expertise in NGO advisory, rural development, digital finance, and banking make him a valuable asset in roles related to financial sector development, rural finance, microfinance, and sustainable economic growth. His dedication to leveraging finance for positive social impact underscores his commitment to building inclusive and resilient economies.