Mobile/Digital Payments Services

Our experts have been part of the mobile payments journey in Malawi since its inception in 2013. They have managed the regulatory processes, digital platform deployment, service launch and mobile money operations.


  1. Registration and licensing of a mobile money service provider
  2. Deployment of mobile money services
  3. Platform integrations with both local and international financial institutions
  4. Business development and liaison with both government and international development partners
  5. Distribution channels and scaling up the mobile payment services
  6. Marketing and product/service development
  7. Financial Controls in a mobile money business
  8. Regulatory compliance and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures


  1. Managing regulatory processes for licensing of a mobile payment operator
  2. Deployment of mobile money platforms
  3. End-to-end management of mobile money business (governance, operations, finance, compliance, distribution)
  4. Establishing partnerships and integrations of a mobile money operator with international operators
  5. Coordinating the development of products/services for a mobile money operator
  6. Designing and deploying distribution structures and systems to grow mobile payments operations

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