IT Consulting Services

At Bartlett, we provide accessible, affordable, and high-quality IT consulting services to support our clients’ technology ambitions. We have a dedicated, passionate and qualified team of IT practitioners who bring their expertise to every project.


  1. IT Auditing and Assurance
  2. Cyber and Information Security reviews
  3. IT Audit and Cyber security trainings
  4. IT process transformation and innovation
  5. IT Risk Assessments
  6. Data Centre Management reviews
  7. Business continuity reviews
  8. IT Governance Reviews
  9. Robotics process automation
  10. Revenue assurance


  1. Planning and executing risk-based IT/IS audits in public and non-public entities 
  2. Conducted revenue assurance engagements for telecommunication and utility companies in Malawi and Tanzania
  3. Delivered cybersecurity awareness training for the Board of a non-listed Bank
  4. Coordinated and delivered first-level support for the implementation of the Interbank Settlement System for the Reserve Bank of Malawi in corroboration with Montran (vendor)
  5. Conducted business process re-engineering for a multi-nation company
  6. Conducted post-project implementation review that resulted in US$1 million savings for a 5-year TCO

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