Insurance Loss Assessors & Adjusters

We specialize in insurance loss investigations, assessments, valuations, and adjustments in the general insurance sector, focusing on providing meticulous and unbiased evaluations.


We undertake a systematic approach to gather documentation, interview claimants and witnesses, inspect accident scenes, audit records, and inspect insured assets to ascertain the existence of any lost/destroyed asset and report our findings. Our investigations aim to verify the validity of the claim, and adherence to the insurance contract, and ensure the loss was not due to excluded causes or assets under the policy.


Post-investigation, we estimate the extent of loss or damage and recommend adjustments to the insurance claim and the subsequent likely payment. Our services encompass various types of insurance losses including:

  1. Motor Insurance Losses: Covering both commercial and private sectors.
  2. Engineering: Including plant & machinery, electronic equipment, and civil engineering works.
  3. Agriculture: Covering livestock, farming, and farmers.
  4. Fire and Property Insurance Losses: Comprehensive assessment and adjustment services.
  5. Accidents: Catering to individuals, workmen’s compensation, employers’ liability, and directors.
  6. Financial Institutions: Including bankers, digital assets, and related sectors.
  7. Miscellaneous: Covering money, loss of profits, stock deterioration, public and product liability.

Our commitment is to uphold the highest standards of service, ensuring accuracy and fairness in every assessment and adjustment we make.

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