Forensic Investigations Services

Bartlett’s anti-fraud experts are passionate anti-corruption crusaders and specialist investigators. With deep expertise in fraud management, bribery and corruption, forensic investigation, accounting and finance, technologies, internal audit and controls, we provide a complete range of services to prevent, detect, investigate, and support clients through litigation.


  1. Prevention of fraud and corruption activities including fraud risk assessments, internal control reviews and advisory and staff training on fraud and controls
  2. Fraud detection mechanisms, including reporting channels and procedures
  3. Training integrity committees on investigations
  4. Forensic Investigations
  5. Litigation support, including acting as expert witnesses and supporting administrative processes


  1. Established and managed the Investigations Department for a publicly listed company in Malawi
  2. Conducted over 60 investigations into fraud/corruption activities worth MK100 billion+, involving suspects at all levels, from CEOs to messengers, local personnel to expatriates
  3. Experts qualified with international institutions such as the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE, USA)
  4. Not limited to an industry: we have investigated insurance claims, procurements in telecoms and INGOs, projects in developmental organisations, banking environments, IT environments, digital payments, telecom frauds

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