Audit Services

At Bartlett, we possess in-depth knowledge of risk-based auditing, making us a trusted strategic advisor to clients.


  1. Establishing internal audit departments on behalf of clients
  2. Performing risk-based audits as an outsourced service provider
  3. Developing or updating internal audit frameworks, policies and procedures for internal audit teams
  4. Conducting internal control reviews and developing control self-assessment models
  5. Providing staff training on risk-based audits
  6. Conducting end-of-project evaluation and project close-out audits

We conduct External Quality Assurance Reviews to assess the effectiveness, quality of work, and value addition of your Internal Audit function, ensuring that it conforms to the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) of the Institute of Internal Auditors (The IIA).


  1. Establishing and managing internal audit departments in publicly listed companies
  2. Risk-based, strategy-linked, forward-looking audits, and automation of audit processes
  3. Performing Quality Assurance Reviews of Internal Audit departments both locally and outside Malawi
  4. Passed the External Quality Assurance Reviews
  5. Conducted audits and special reviews in 14+ countries in Africa, Middle East, and South Asia
  6. A wide range of specialized audits: financial audits, procurement, IT & systems audits, compliance, telecom network audits, and project audits

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